Welcome to Turtletastic, my first NFT art project of 3000 unique, algorithmically generated turtles in a pixel art style.

Over many many late nights of tears, hair pulling and a lot of energy drinks, I taught myself Python coding so I could hatch this collection without resorting to cookie-cutter downloaded layering programs. I wanted these turtles to be all my own work from the drawing to the programmatic creation.

Each turtle is unique, with a combination of different traits such as facial expressions, shell colour and body colour. They can have various hats, footwear, medals and special upgrades.

The NFTs are hosted on the Ethereum blockchain with the initial prices ranging from 0.01 ETH + gas for the vast majority of turtles up to 0.02 ETH + gas for the rarer examples.

The collection is available to view and buy over at Opensea.io. Click here or on the banner below to visit.


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